ISO-сертификати & политика

NIBE е сертифицирана по стандартите на ISO 9001 и ISO 14001.

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High quality shall always be the hallmark of NIBE products and services and, as such, constitute one of the determining factors behind the customer’s decision to buy.

Customer demands and expectations with regard to NIBE products and services shall always be met and, if possible, exceeded.

Customers, external as well as internal, shall enjoy peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that the promises and undertakings made by NIBE and NIBE employees will always be honoured.

The quality management system must be continuously improved on the basis of new experiences and any variances or weaknesses identified.

There shall always be clearly stated quality targets relating to product quality, delivery reliability and customer satisfaction – and the company’s performance in relation to these targets shall be followed up on a continuous basis.

From the time they are initially recruited, all employees shall be kept informed about the NIBE Quality Policy and the company’s quality targets and work procedures at all times, and they shall receive regular training to ensure that they remain constantly aware of the importance of these factors.

Quality is the responsibility of all NIBE employees.


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NIBE shall provide the market with products for heating, ventilation and cooling of smaller as well as larger facilities and heating products for tap water.

The products shall be energy efficient, environmentally friendly and use renewable energy to the greatest extent possible.

Environmental friendliness shall be indicative in every link from product development to recycling.

Current environmental requirements shall always be observed in order to contribute to continuous improvement of the environmental management system and to prevent polluting emissions. This shall create a platform for establishing new environmental goals.

Effective use of input goods, systematic disposal of waste and use of own products for heating, ventilation and cooling shall be prioritized.

The environmental work shall always extend to making requirements of suppliers.

Employees, customers, suppliers, authorities, shareholders, analysers and the public shall be kept continuously informed about NIBE’s environmental work.

Creating sustainable value shall be indicative within NIBE.

Environmental responsibility is the concern of every NIBE employee and participation shall be ensured through education. The Managing Director has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the company complies with environmental laws and regulations.


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